Formula! 2010
This is the Formula 1 yearbook, a magnificently produced photographic review of the entire World Championship season, combined with detailed reports and analyses of each of the 19 Grand Prix races around the world, from Bahrain in March to Abu Dhabi in November. For each race a two-page spread shows the starting line-up, retirements, fastest laps, a detailed account of the race, and of course the result, together with a description of the circuit, the weather conditions on the day of the race, and the particular issues and talking points which dominated discussion at the time. Again the 2010 edition will have two pages of colour photos of the most important facts of each race. Followed by chapters on the key issues of the season, lavishly illustrated with photographs. Finally, the book contains a portfolio of more than 120 pages of glorious colour photographs by Mirco Lazzari, covering the entire season and an editorial by Giorgio Stirano about the most important technical developments during the season.

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Hier zie je een real-time overzicht van treinen van de Nederlandse Spoorwegen. De getoonde gegevens zijn actueel en op basis van GPS en ERTMS.

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Typ een materieelnummer of treinnummer in de zoekbalk en druk op [Enter] in om te zoeken waar deze staat.

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De kleur geeft de snelheid aan, van donkerblauw voor 0 km/u tot roze voor 300 km/u.

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